SUNDAY, 16th MAY 2021



Walk – Run – Navigate
Like treasure hunting, these social rogaines are fun and suitable to anyone, from families with little kids to the expert adventurers.



Great way to exercise the body and the brain.


Rogaining is a cross-country navigation event where teams of 2 – 5 people visit as many checkpoints as they choose in the 3-hours. The checkpoints are free-choice and have different point values so strategy and route selection becomes a vital component. A form of orienteering, it combines tramping, navigation, competition, and strategy. The event caters for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm – but keep in mind this event is in the mountains, using only a map and compass, it’s a bit like a tramping treasure-hunt.



Event Date:  16th May 2021

4th May 2021 – Early Bird entries close

14th  May 2021 – Online Entries close. Teams will still have a chance to enter on the day, but we can’t guarantee maps to everyone. A $5 late fee will be charged on the day.

9:00AM – 10:15AM- Registration 4hr & maps hand out.

9:45AM – Briefing (then every 30min).

10:00AM – 10:30AM – 4hr starts anytime.

10:00AM – 11:45AM – Registration 2hr & maps hand out.

10:45AM – Briefing (then every 30min).

11:00AM – 1:00PM – 2hr starts anytime.

10:00AM – 1:45PM – Registration 1hr Family event.

11:00AM – 1:00PM–  Family event starts.

3:00PM – All courses close.

3:30PM – Results.



There is no age limit if children are accompanied by an adult. Due to the alpine nature of the environment and hazards that exist, young children will need to be well supervised.
A capable team of 14-year olds can enter.



Entry Fee Early Bird Prices Price
Adult 4hr $70.00 pp $80.00 pp
Student 4hr $50.00 pp $60.00 pp
Adult 2hr $30.00 pp $35.00 pp
Student 2hr $20.00 pp $25.00 pp
Wicked Kids Family Event $20.00 per map $25.00 per map

* Early Bird Entries close at 10pm on 4th May 2021. Online Entries close at 10pm of 13th May 2021.

** Child, 13 years old and under, must be accompanied by a paying adult.

** Child, 12 years old and under, must be accompanied by a paying adult.


  • 80% refund – withdraw two weeks before event day
  • 60% refund – withdraw  a week before event day
  • 30% refund – withdraw 4 days before event day
  • No refunds for cancellation 3 days prior to the event



For safety reasons there will be a minimum amount of gear and equipment that each person must carry or wear at all times. The event is in a high alpine environment and weather can change rapidly, temperature can drop quickly and visibility can be reduced within minutes if clouds layers descend.

Required Gear
Compulsory Clothing
Waterproof jacket
Fleece jersey
Thermal top and pants
Warm hat (BUFF, wooden hat, balaclava)
Waterproof over-trousers recommended
Compulsory Equipment
Water bottle or bladder
Each team must carry a basic first aid kit that includes; bandage, wound dressing pain relief, strapping tape, survival blanket



A team shall consist of two, three, four, five or six members.

A team that has a member under fourteen years of age shall also have a member eighteen years of age or over.

Competition categories are as follows:

1) Three gender classes of competition:

  • Men (all team members must be male)
  • Women (all team members must be female)
  • Mixed (teams must contain at least one female and one male)

2) Four age categories of competition within each gender class:

  • Open (no age restriction)
  • Junior (all team members must be at school)
  • Veteran (all team members must be 40 years of age or over on the day of competition)
  • Super Veteran (all team members must be 55 years of age or over on the day of competition)

3) Three length categories

  • 6 hour
  • 4 hour
  • 2 hour

Acceptance of your entry means that you have read and will adhere to this code of conduct throughout this Rogaine.

This Code of Conduct is motivated by the following two considerations:

  • respect for the property and lifestyle of landowners
  • safety of event participants, organizers and helpers, and others affected by the event, including assistance for injured people.

Land, Environment, Property and Stock

Rogaining is an environmentally and socially friendly activity and we expect all participants, including event organisers, to reinforce this ethic.

  • Respect the right of landowners to operate their business and lifestyle in privacy and security.
  • Leave gates as you found them.
  • Do not crowd or otherwise disturb stock.
  • Cross fences at gates or major posts, or go through the wires.
  • Do not drop litter.
  • Avoid houses and accessory buildings and/or machinery and stay out of out-of-bound areas.
  • No dogs, guns, fires or smoking.
  • Report any damage or disturbance you may have caused, or seen.
  • Keep streams and water bodies clean
  • Take due care to avoid spread of weeds, pest or diseases (e.g., Didymo)
  • Note that access approval to land for an event is limited to the event duration. It does not extend to before or after the event.
  • Event organisers will respect individual landowner attitudes to access to private land, and will strive to maintain good relationships with landowners at all times.

Event participants will also abide by other conditions that may be set out in instructions for specific events.

Safety and Injury

    • Distress call – six or more short whistle blasts at about 1 second intervals, repeated every 1 to 5 minutes, or in reply to a Search call.
    • Search call – one long whistle blast of several seconds.
    • If someone in your team is immobilised, identify your position and send someone to seek help. If possible, leave someone else with the injured person, along with all spare clothing. For urgent assistance, use your whistle to give the distress call.
    • Any team hearing the distress signal MUST offer all assistance required.
    • If someone in your team is injured, but can walk, use your common sense in getting them back to base.

Safety – legislative requirements

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 much private land (e.g., farm land) is designated ‘workplace.’ Landowners must inform recreational visitors of significant workplace hazards. To ensure this:

    • Event organisers will elicit advice from the landowner or manager on safety hazards, preferably at both the course planning stage and several days before the event.
    • Event organisers will inform all participants of any such hazards relevant to the event in written or verbal briefings.
    • Organisers, course planners and participants will take reasonable care that their actions (or lack of action) do not put themselves or others at risk. They will comply with reasonable safety advice or instruction given by the landowner (usually via the event organiser), as far as they’re able to.


Gates and Stock

If you open a gate, your team must close it or identify a person in a following team who will explicitly state that they will close it. If you corner stock, move no closer than 50 metres and find an alternative way round. This is particularly important when the easy way out for the stock is towards you on a track. Drop below the track and sidle around well clear of the stock. Stock in the wrong place at the wrong time of year can easily cost farmers tens of thousands of dollars, and cattle in particular are surprisingly easy to spook, and will readily demolish a good fence, injuring themselves badly on the way. If you cause any damage, it is vital that you report it to the organisers as soon as practicable, so that repairs can be started.


Understand the Distress call and the Search call. Serious injury is very rare, but needs urgent action. For the more common injuries where people can still limp, use your common sense. This usually means assisting them to a road and returning to the hash-house.


Provisional Results now available

Maps and team’s routes analysis coming soon.

Wicked Northburn Rogaine


1 Beagles Andrew Cochrane, Samm Lee 01:58:02 680 0
2 Too Much Gaming Tim Pell, Ben Pell 02:00:22 420 20


1 Team Bates 1 Warren Bates, Neve Bates 01:58:39 1040 0
2 Funexsports PL Fryderyk Pryjma, Maria Deptulska 02:05:04 830 120
3 Smiths Dwayne SMith, Hayley Smith 01:58:58 740 0
4 The travelling Olivers Kate Oliver, Bert Oliver, Lily Oliver, Fergus Oliver, Hugh Oliver 01:58:14 590 0
5 The McGrails Rie McGrail, Patrick McGrail, William McGrail, Lucas McGrail 01:57:20 530 0
6 The Wallace Five Richard Wallace, Thea Wallace, Cassia Wallace, Arlo Wallace, Xanthe Wallace 01:58:22 480 0
7 Team Vickerman Anna Vickerman, Dylan Vickerman, Pyper Vickerman, Thea Vickerman 02:06:27 480 140
8 Panafo Sonia Panapa, Erin Sefo, Nikao Panapa, Malaki Sefo 01:56:25 400 0
9 Dave and Stew Gav Oliver Niblock, Matthew Satterthwaite, Sophia Niblock 01:49:09 390 0
10 Watson Family Jane McCurdy, Josh Watson, Seb Watson, Oli Watson 02:03:35 320 80
11 Hou Good? Josh Hou, Ella Hou, Amy Hou, Andy Hou 02:11:18 0 0
12 Team Potato Huw Phillips, Molly Phillips 02:23:56 0 0
13 three Silly Boys & Mum Lyn Wheeler, Mitchell Wheeler, Daniel Wheeler 03:27:22 0 0


1 Fairmaid Sarah Fairmaid, Liv Fairmaid 01:57:37 600 0
2 Speedy Sloth Jane Heathington, Hannah Watt, Holly Ross 01:57:57 560 0
3 Thing 1 & Thing 2 Paula Campbell, Emma Campbell 01:56:06 540 0
4 Flip N Spin Catherine Pell, Elizabeth Pell 02:03:48 460 80
5 Team Bates 2 Lisa Bates, Cameron Bates, Jess Bates 01:56:33 450 0
6 Sonya and Family Sonya, Tritan 02:09:24 400 200
7 The Hares Wendy Debie, Lynette Tillman, Vicki Brookes 01:54:54 380 0
8 Team 85 Ariana Cunninghan, Kara Ogilvy 01:56:30 340 0


1 Senior Panthers Maria Gamble, Ciai Paardekooper, Tony Gamble 01:51:42 650 0
2 Team Julian Scott Julian, Caitlyn Julian, Pippa Julian 01:56:31 480 0
3 Mirsi Rockets Simon Niblock, Miranda Fairmaid 01:50:27 400 0


1 Dan + Simon Dan Cullen, Simon Bowden, Katharine Eustace 03:46:57 1540 0
2 Flower Powers Jack Sandford, Flynn Phillips 04:01:03 920 40


1 Beauty and the Beast Steven Smith, Marianne Negrini 03:58:40 1620 0
2 Kai whakapai Dave Dixon, Shonagh north 03:52:39 1580 0
3 K-Mark Kristy Jennings, Mark Williams 03:55:37 1570 0
4 Breen Battlers Andrew Kers, Michelle Keimig 03:58:39 1320 0
5 Wrong Direction Ian Evans, Jane Zwerrenz 03:58:47 1280 0
6 MackAttack Zara Mackley, Siena Mackley, Richard Mackley 03:48:23 1210 0
7 Liv & Glenn Glenn Bulloch, Olivia Dower-Tylee 03:59:49 1170 0
8 PB pretzel pals Hazel Cunliffe, Penny Barnsdale, Michael Stuart 03:55:54 1110 0
9 The Buzzy Bees Callum Kingan, Breanna Kingan, Phoebe Wickham, Twyla Kingan 03:41:26 1090 0
10 CP 100 03:56:28 1070 0
11 Wickham Bruce Wickham, Lily Wickham, Olly Wickham 03:55:49 1000 0
12 Two Hores Amy Hore, Matt Hore 04:03:27 970 80
13 OK Boomers!!! Katherine Boomer, Alex Boomer, Liam Boomer 03:43:35 750 0


1 Mums day out Anna Murray, Gwylfa Moore 03:52:05 1530 0
2 Spaghetti legs Joanna Williams, Adrian Camm 04:00:03 1410 20
3 Vercoe Girls Anna McClean, Laura Brown 03:39:04 1340 0
4 Obstakillers Sara McWilliam, Katrina McAra, Emma Inglis, Chelsey Johnston, Kate O'Connell 03:59:40 1340 0
5 Estrogen Express Caitlin Feasey, Paige Richmond 03:56:52 1260 0
6 Drop & Rolls Stop Liss Walker, Ash Booth, Jenny Ferguson, Victoriya Lamb 03:58:45 1240 0
7 Wait Up Rochelle Robertson, Kerri Brand 03:59:42 1120 0
8 Just for Fun Kaila McPhee, Kerry Lucas, Kylie Tayles 03:54:25 1010 0
9 Scrambled Legs Amy Nicolson, Alisha Webster, Deb Stevens 03:53:07 950 0
10 Clutha gals Angela Lowery, Julie Macfie, Jane Sharman 00:00:00 900 0
11 Beautiful Ladies Brooke Cameron, Ange Durnett, Erin Wilson 03:47:16 850 0
12 Pour Decisions Lisa Sullivan, Jasmine Hamilton, Kate Darvie, Audrey Hartley 03:50:56 760 0
13 Wicked sisters Kylie Davidson, Leigh JACKSON, Emma Hammond, Bex Finch 03:37:57 710 0


1 Hawea Hoppers Ulla Reymann, David Gwynne Jones 03:55:10 950 0


1 Stampeding Turtles Nicola Anderson, Denise Andrews, Julia Franklin 03:38:16 910 0
2 Legs Miserable Lindsay Stephenson, Anne Allen 03:55:55 370 0


1 Pulp Friction Dave COWIE, Chris STEWART, Max Cowie 03:52:34 1390 0


1 The Wandering Smnails Aaron Ross, Tracy Ross 03:56:49 1520 0
2 Quails Joe Sherriff, Adele Larsen 03:56:31 1410 0
3 Nealy there Nicola Neal, Grant Neal 03:48:09 1370 0
4 Team POG and BK Brent Kingsland, Pauline Kingsland 03:48:40 1160 0
5 Older but no Wiser Raewyn Calhaem, Geoff Marks 03:47:35 1150 0
6 Den Manglende Brik Peter R. Pallesen, Ulla Refshammer Pallesen 04:00:56 1140 20
7 Lee ane Miles Miles Watson, Leeanne Yeoman 03:48:49 1120 0
8 5 demands Angus, Kubi 04:17:30 0 0


1 Skipping Stones Vicky Sandford, Sally Law 03:38:52 1310 0
2 Peregrine Chicks Victoria Stott, Nadine Cross, Jo Iremonger 04:02:19 1240 60
3 Mahé\'s mob Mahé Bowden 03:56:52 980 0
4 FeHe Heather Sinclair, Fiona Turnbull, Dean Whaanga 03:32:01 950 0
5 Janet’s Jubilee Janet Willis, Britt Cleaver, Sharon Mennie 03:49:50 950 0
6 Run a muck mums Rochelle Robins, Mellisa McFarlane, Tania Lawry, Karen Van miltenburg 03:53:04 940 0
7 Old & Broken SOB's - Stiff Nat Wheatley, Jo Taylor 03:52:17 910 0
8 4mad individuals Carmen Jillett, Teresa O'Riordan, Kelli Divers, Trudy Liggett 03:58:44 840 0
9 Mum's on Holiday Sarah Crofts, Debbie Floyd 03:50:57 830 0
10 TT -1 Paula Hedges, Natasha Morton 03:51:52 810 0


1 team 108 No club 00:00:00 540 0
2 3 Mikes Raff Cowie, Sam Morrison, Jane Cowie 01:21:47 540 0
3 DAF Andy Morrison, Will Morrison, Peter Cowie 01:21:53 540 0
4 Team Hayward And Howard Matt Morrison, Moll Kate Morrison, Alfie Cowie 01:26:20 540 0
5 Team Earl Sam Earl, Georgie Earl, Lucy Earl, Freddie Earl, Emma Earl 02:12:58 540 0
6 Team Washbrook Jim Washbrook, Sarah Washbrook, Max, Lucian 02:33:05 540 0
7 KMSCOI Caroline Berendt, Mike Ley, Sophie Levy, Katie Levy 11:21:11 540 0
8 Team Tully Julia Tully, Susanna Tully, Sean Tully, Lucia Tully 02:00:23 480 0
9 Team Irving Jacqui Irving, Bryce Irving, Hunter Irving, Taylor Irving 02:01:08 480 0
10 Team Harvie Tricia Harvie, John Harvie, James Harvie, Grace Harvie 00:59:47 470 0
11 Tane PekaPeka Cate Parky, Kayah Pitari, Leon Pitari 01:47:20 390 0
12 Team Pettit Emily Barlow, Tristan Pattit, Aalur Pettit 00:58:33 370 0
13 Chris & the girls Chris Brown, Mila brown, Ava brown, Isla McCleaN 00:58:35 370 0
14 Black Pantha Aimee Paardekooper, Rose deegan, Dylan Deega 01:05:34 370 0
15 The Jet Planes Rhys Hamilton, Emily Hamilton, Oliver Hamilton, Boh Hamilton 01:28:10 370 0
16 Josh 01:05:12 360 0
17 Smiths Holly Campbell, Nigel Smith, Donna Smith, Meisha Smith, Caden Smith 00:56:26 320 0
18 Hot Hams Glenn Cunningham, Kensie, Gordon McMillan 01:03:38 270 0
19 Brown Boys Stephen Brown, Ky Brown 00:48:22 240 0
20 Fruit Burst Charlotte Taylor, Kristy Rusher 01:20:43 150 0



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