3 hr ROGAINE – 28th FEBRUARY 2021

“A wicked rogaine in an alpine environment with not a single fence to climb!”

Rainbow Rogaine. Set in the alpine basins that surround Rainbow Ski Area, we have planned a 3-hour course that will encapsulate what is unique and special in the area. Having the ability to drive to 1550-metres above sea level and begin the event there is exceptionally unique for a rogaine of this length.  Please read this information below.


Rogaining is a cross-country navigation event where teams of 2 – 5 people visit as many checkpoints as they choose in the 3-hours. The checkpoints are free-choice and have different point values so strategy and route selection becomes a vital component. A form of orienteering, it combines tramping, navigation, competition, and strategy. The event caters for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm – but keep in mind this event is in the mountains, using only a map and compass, it’s a bit like a tramping treasure-hunt.


All proceeds go to Motueka High School Adventure Racing Team



Entries Close 24th February 2021 at 8pm (we need to know the numbers by then to print maps)

Event Date:  28th February 2021

9:00am sign in and maps available (Rainbow Ski Area base building)

9:45am briefing

10:00am event start

1:00pm event finish



There is no age limit if children are accompanied by an adult. Due to the alpine nature of the environment and hazards that exist, young children will need to be well supervised.
A capable team of 13-year olds can enter.


The St Arnaud Range is a stunning area in winter and summer. It is important to remember that it is part of the Southern Alps and subject to extreme weather. It could be very hot on the event day with no shade, or it could be very cold and windy. Whilst unlikely it could even be snowing, it is a ski area after all. With the right gear and route choice, and the knowledge that you don’t have to be on course for the whole 3-hours, we are confident the event will be a huge amount of fun.
Safety is paramount and participants need to be aware there are many natural hazards to be mindful of, these include, but are not limited to; loose rock, cliffs, steep ground, uneven ground, exposure to sun, wind and weather. Participants will spend most of their time walking on ski field vehicle tracks, rocky scree and tussock basins.


Entry Fee Price
Adult $35.00 pp
Student (Under 20) $20.00 pp
Child** Free

*$5 per entry goes to the Rainbow ski field road improvements and the remainder to the Motueka High School Adventure Racing Teams

** Child, 13 years old and under, must be accompanied by a paying adult.


  • 80% refund – withdraw two weeks before event day
  • 60% refund – withdraw  a week before event day
  • 30% refund – withdraw 4 days before event day
  • No refunds for cancellation 3 days prior to the event



For safety reasons there will be a minimum amount of gear and equipment that each person must carry or wear at all times. The event is in a high alpine environment and weather can change rapidly, temperature can drop quickly and visibility can be reduced within minutes if clouds layers descend.

Compulsory Gear
Compulsory Clothing
Waterproof jacket
Fleece jersey
Thermal top and pants
Warm hat (BUFF, wooden hat, balaclava)
Waterproof over-trousers recommended
Compulsory Equipment
Water bottle or bladder
Each team must carry a basic first aid kit that includes; bandage, wound dressing pain relief, strapping tape, survival blanket


Acceptance of your entry means that you have read and will adhere to this code of conduct throughout this Rogaine.

This Code of Conduct is motivated by the following two considerations:

  • respect for the property and lifestyle of landowners
  • safety of event participants, organizers and helpers, and others affected by the event, including assistance for injured people.

Land, Environment, Property and Stock

Rogaining is an environmentally and socially friendly activity and we expect all participants, including event organisers, to reinforce this ethic.

  • Respect the right of landowners to operate their business and lifestyle in privacy and security.
  • Leave gates as you found them.
  • Do not crowd or otherwise disturb stock.
  • Cross fences at gates or major posts, or go through the wires.
  • Do not drop litter.
  • Avoid houses and accessory buildings and/or machinery and stay out of out-of-bound areas.
  • No dogs, guns, fires or smoking.
  • Report any damage or disturbance you may have caused, or seen.
  • Keep streams and water bodies clean
  • Take due care to avoid spread of weeds, pest or diseases (e.g., Didymo)
  • Note that access approval to land for an event is limited to the event duration. It does not extend to before or after the event.
  • Event organisers will respect individual landowner attitudes to access to private land, and will strive to maintain good relationships with landowners at all times.

Event participants will also abide by other conditions that may be set out in instructions for specific events.

Safety and Injury

    • Distress call – six or more short whistle blasts at about 1 second intervals, repeated every 1 to 5 minutes, or in reply to a Search call.
    • Search call – one long whistle blast of several seconds.
    • If someone in your team is immobilised, identify your position and send someone to seek help. If possible, leave someone else with the injured person, along with all spare clothing. For urgent assistance, use your whistle to give the distress call.
    • Any team hearing the distress signal MUST offer all assistance required.
    • If someone in your team is injured, but can walk, use your common sense in getting them back to base.

Safety – legislative requirements

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 much private land (e.g., farm land) is designated ‘workplace.’ Landowners must inform recreational visitors of significant workplace hazards. To ensure this:

    • Event organisers will elicit advice from the landowner or manager on safety hazards, preferably at both the course planning stage and several days before the event.
    • Event organisers will inform all participants of any such hazards relevant to the event in written or verbal briefings.
    • Organisers, course planners and participants will take reasonable care that their actions (or lack of action) do not put themselves or others at risk. They will comply with reasonable safety advice or instruction given by the landowner (usually via the event organiser), as far as they’re able to.


Gates and Stock

If you open a gate, your team must close it or identify a person in a following team who will explicitly state that they will close it. If you corner stock, move no closer than 50 metres and find an alternative way round. This is particularly important when the easy way out for the stock is towards you on a track. Drop below the track and sidle around well clear of the stock. Stock in the wrong place at the wrong time of year can easily cost farmers tens of thousands of dollars, and cattle in particular are surprisingly easy to spook, and will readily demolish a good fence, injuring themselves badly on the way. If you cause any damage, it is vital that you report it to the organisers as soon as practicable, so that repairs can be started.


Understand the Distress call and the Search call. Serious injury is very rare, but needs urgent action. For the more common injuries where people can still limp, use your common sense. This usually means assisting them to a road and returning to the hash-house.



Rainbow Rogaine

FA - Family

1 Wily Whiteheads Naomi Whitehead, Ashley Whitehead, Pippa Whitehead 03:00:51 1380 20
2 Two Birds Marian chick, Tui Prouting 02:45:50 960 0
3 Tigers minions 02:47:00 960 0
4 the 2 chamois Wayne Manderson, Keala Manderson 02:32:15 780 0
5 Sightseers Helen Webster, Jade Sundbye 02:06:34 650 0
6 Godzone Widows Jacqui Hickman, Michelle Hickman, Jonty Hickman 02:46:08 650 0
7 It my birthday Perry Turner, Irene Firestone, Madison Turner, Charlotte Turner 02:50:29 550 0
8 Bio-security Champions Samantha Wickham, Walter Wickham, Tom Wilkin, Gus Wickham 01:49:36 480 0
9 Do we have to? Claudine Dupuy, Gus Mackenzie, Brodie Quillan 02:33:33 430 0
10 Big Fish and Little Fish Chris Walker, Hayley Walker 01:37:06 240 0
11 Moore family Clare Moore, Dan Moore, Jody Moore, Kaea Moore 00:54:00 120 0

JR - Junior

1 Invisible Gorilla's Janek Manderson, Johnny MacLennan, Zefa Faavae 02:54:46 1980 0
2 Triumph Bryn Stevens, Shay Morton, Felix walther 02:51:26 1580 0
3 Progainers Riley Croxford, Sam Johnson, Lochy Shand, Simon de Vries 02:36:46 1010 0
4 Sophie & Keira Sophie Rankin, Keira Wilkens, Stu Rankin 02:51:31 910 0
5 GGs Sophia Kersten, Julia Kersten, Sasha Challenger 02:32:49 870 0
6 Save the Kakapo Xanthe Robb, Ella Dawson, Ruby Fullerton 02:52:15 840 0
7 no fears No tears Alexis Faulkner, Ruby Campbell 02:53:34 820 0
8 Tide & Nika Tide Fa'avae, Nika Rayward 03:23:14 720 480
9 Maia & Scott Maia Rankin, Scott Brown, Carol Rankin 02:32:47 580 0
10 Motueka Internatioanl 01:57:43 300 0

MO - Open Men

1 Busty Freeks Nick Hann, Theo Wordsworth 02:56:42 2730 0
2 Brian Kim newton, Oscar perks 02:58:46 2480 0
3 Victory Vets Brendan Hickman, Jamie Hickman 03:00:05 1770 20
4 Tussocks Glenn Blackmore, Sam Clouston, Kieran Hickman 03:01:39 1230 40
5 Moricinho's Magnificent Mates Team 1 Jamie Thirkettle, Greg Kingston 02:55:44 1210 0
6 The Battlers Nathan Chippendale, Bailey Sherratt 02:22:29 1000 0
7 Moricinho's Magnificent Mates Team 2 Craig Morice, Brad McNeill 02:55:45 720 0
8 Team RAB Riley O’Connor, Charlie Maclennan 03:00:10 450 20

MV - Veteran Men

1 Nutrient Rescue Dave Quested, Darron Jones 03:04:05 2110 100
2 Gear-up sta Andrew Jones, Callum Anderson, James Jones 02:57:26 1710 0
3 Confuzzled Pinigigs Ian Buunk, Darren Rooney 02:55:19 1440 0
4 BAM Matt Reid, Ben Thurlow 02:55:30 1160 0
5 Boozy Whip Ryan Hunter, Mark Englefield, David Sturrock 03:00:08 940 20

WO - Open Women

1 Runcan Cotterhall Jessie Stone, Ash Rush, Jessie Clarke 02:48:36 1190 0
2 The only way is up Emma Eggers, Kayla Gill, Catherine Chick 02:56:25 1190 0
3 In it to grin it Mira Schwill, Christine McLachlan 02:50:14 1180 0
4 Sian and Ness Ness Smith, Sian Wilkie 02:54:52 1140 0
5 Boulder Bank Bitches Sara Redwood, Ang Hunter, Courtney Bailey 02:42:00 1130 0
6 Shuffle Lucy Barron, Annie Garland, Merryn Nga-wai Shing, Susan Xian 02:55:08 1040 0
7 Shuffle 02:55:11 1040 0
8 Third Time Lucky Wendy Ford, Hillary McDonald, Krystal Rooney 02:37:57 1030 0
9 Pass'd Sarah Mather, Amber Healey, Stephanie Barker, Pip Lee 02:56:31 1020 0
10 just furious Not fast Emma Gray, Robyn Fenselau, Christine officer 02:46:21 1010 0
11 Chicken Run Lisa De Gray, Emma Innocente, Janelle Underwood, Michele Aebi 02:57:20 980 0
12 Chafing The Dream 02:45:48 960 0
13 HEC Hannah OMalley, Claire Salmond, Emma Mc Farlane 03:02:27 930 60
14 Smash It Rochelle Hamilton, Leah Watson, Kaitlyn Vaughan-South 02:54:51 920 0
15 Laced up ladies Helen Nicholson, Angela Osborne, Mary Sim 02:40:16 910 0
16 Snow idea Sally Chippendale, Karen Goodger 02:31:34 880 0
17 Escaping the Kids Donna Adlam, Caroline Clark, Angela Phillips, Sonya Wright 02:59:02 870 0
18 Shits and Giggles Fiona McNeill, Libby Acland, Melissa Marfell 02:50:19 860 0
19 Why not Georgina Christie, Kara Simkin, Melanie Riley, Josie Reid 02:23:13 830 0
20 Wahine Toa Jenna Neame, Edna Brownlee, Rowena Cudby 02:56:00 810 0
21 Team Useless zan homewood, Jade Sintes, Mal Quail 02:10:32 780 0
22 Tapawera farm gals Julie Campbell, Rachel Taylor, Lisa Anglesey 02:55:18 780 0
23 Little Red Engine Pip Challenger, Annabel Laird 02:54:55 770 0
24 Goaldiggers Natalie Colville, Andrea Staufer, Emma Burnaby 03:05:48 640 120
25 Aqua Sisters Michaela Ross, Erin Mintrom, Rebecca Leslie 02:43:00 610 0
26 3 Springers Bridget Robilliard, Isla McNeice, Becky Derrick 02:50:20 600 0

WV - Veteran Women

1 Shortcutz Serena Hobson, Kylie Anticich 02:51:26 1110 0
2 Jamming Maria Voigt, Juanita Holmwood Smith, Anthea Lees 02:53:42 1100 0
3 Shits n Giggles Wiggles Catrina Forbes, Denise Andrell 02:52:43 1090 0
4 Brown Skirts Julie Robilliard, Jo Benny, Eilish Densem, Tracey Grose 02:50:59 990 0
5 Save the Kea Kirsten McGhie, Kate Macnamara 02:58:17 920 0
6 Revival tigers Wendy Hunter, Janine Pomeroy, Jenny Cooper 02:49:09 870 0
7 Local spirit Paula Short, Emily Robinson, Andrea King 02:57:55 860 0
8 Run like rage winded Cheryl Monahan, Michele Collins, Helen Ibbotson, Emma Garard 02:55:25 800 0
9 The Firebirds Lauren Hutton, Chantél De Ru 02:58:21 790 0
10 Blast from the past Jaquetta Bradshaw, Gillian mcloy 02:36:14 720 0
11 Team LARF a minute! Fiona Young, Andrea Campbell, Louise Holley, Ruth Leckey 02:46:06 670 0
12 Agony on de feet Michelle Walker, Heidi Buckett 02:33:54 650 0
13 Long Legged Lasses Tracey Shanks, Bridget Cassidy, Sarah Mcmullen 02:55:00 450 0
14 TA's Sue Toepfer, Catherine Brown 02:56:15 440 0
15 It's All Downhill From Here Amanda Ledger, Emma Marshall, Nic Newson 03:25:00 190 500

XO - Open Mixed

1 The Lower Brook Georgia Whitla, Patrick Higgins 02:59:42 2310 0
2 Perfect Feet Brent Edwards, Megan Carter 02:59:36 2260 0
3 Team JJ Jessie Faavae, Jacob Neha 02:56:16 2120 0
4 Carnivorous River Ducks Carey Lintott, Martin Peat 03:00:37 2030 20
5 The Keen Kea and the Koi Carp. Kieran Hambrook, Dene Gavin 02:58:08 1950 0
6 Eva & Martin Eva Mrazikova, Martin Strelka 02:59:53 1640 0
7 Checkpoint 52 Nicole Ranger, Glen Warner 02:57:32 1440 0
8 Steve and Katie Katie Malthus, Steve Malthus 02:54:16 1300 0
9 Dummkopfs Katharina Wirth, Philip John 02:54:59 1240 0
10 Two dicks one chick Wendy O'Connor, Jason McKay, Matt Roberts 02:53:50 1170 0
11 Time Wounds All Heels Durand Coldicott, Nicole Curtis 02:43:55 1140 0
12 Atawhai Avengers Lou Paton, Wyatt Crockett, Scott Dayman 02:57:16 1050 0
13 3 Blind Mice Mairin Borlase, Justine Mitchell, Connor Mitchell 02:34:50 1010 0
14 Wayfind Michael Croxford, Diana Worthy 02:49:03 930 0
15 The Bewilder People Debbie Stone, Rob Rowe, Karen Stilwell, William Stilwell, Jaunita Thomson 02:39:51 900 0
16 Riwaka O’Donnells Krissy O’Donnell, Greg O’Donnell, Georgia O’Donnell 02:51:00 830 0
17 Salty Spuds Squad Zoe palmer, Andrea Szentpeteri-Jones, Graeme Kettle 02:58:14 710 0
18 3 musketeers Nick Keen, Joey Keen, Heather O'Toole 02:18:23 510 0

XV - Veteran Mixed

1 Tussock Jumpers David Mangnall, Angela Mangnall 02:58:36 1540 0
2 Rough Lot Lou Busby, Lisa Reilly, Stephen Busby 02:54:38 1300 0
3 On Release Hugh MacMillan, Saralinda MacMillan 02:58:59 1200 0
4 Gingerbread! Gingerbread! Carolyn Sutherland, Dean Sutherland, Ronda South 02:39:55 760 0



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