3 hr ROGAINE – 20th FEBRUARY 2022

Vaccine passes are mandatory

“A wicked rogaine in an alpine environment with not a single fence to climb!”

Covid Red Setting – There will be a few changes to work within the Covid Red Setting guidelines

START TIMES: There are 3 start waves in which you can choose your start time on entering:

  • 9am
  • 10am
  • 11am

Remember it is a 2 1/2 hour drive from Nelson.

  • Registration and collection of your map is 45 mins before your start wave and no earlier (e.g. 10 am start – collect your maps from 9.15 to 9.45 am)
  • You must wear a mask until your event starts and put it back on within 10 minutes of finishing – the new compulsory item!
  • Controls will be hands-free, a three-letter code to copy
  • Bring some coins for a hand free money container to purchase a drink or snack afterwards

Rainbow Rogaine. Set in the alpine basins that surround Rainbow Ski Area, we have planned a 3-hour course that will encapsulate what is unique and special in the area. Having the ability to drive to 1550-metres above sea level and begin the event there is exceptionally unique for a rogaine of this length.  Please read this information below.


Rogaining is a cross-country navigation event where teams of 2 – 5 people visit as many checkpoints as they choose in the 3-hours. The checkpoints are free-choice and have different point values so strategy and route selection becomes a vital component. A form of orienteering, it combines tramping, navigation, competition, and strategy. The event caters for all levels of fitness and enthusiasm – but keep in mind this event is in the mountains, using only a map and compass, it’s a bit like a tramping treasure-hunt.

All proceeds go to Motueka High School Adventure Racing Team




Entries Close 16th February 2022 at 10pm  or prior if we reach capacity.(we need to know the numbers by then to print maps)

Event Date:  20th February 2022

Due to Covid Red Settings, we will have 3 start waves.

Registration and collection of your map is 45min before your start wave and no earlier. (e.g. 10am start – collect your map 9:15am to 9:45am)

WAVE 1  – 8:15am sign in and maps available (Rainbow Ski Area base building)

8:45am briefing

9:00am event start

12:00pm event finish

WAVE 2  – 9:15am sign in and maps available (Rainbow Ski Area base building)

9:45am briefing

10:00am event start

12:00pm event finish

WAVE 3  – 10:15am sign in and maps available (Rainbow Ski Area base building)

10:45am briefing

11:00am event start

2:00pm event finish



There is no age limit if children are accompanied by an adult. Due to the alpine nature of the environment and hazards that exist, young children will need to be well supervised.
A capable team of 13-year olds can enter.


The St Arnaud Range is a stunning area in winter and summer. It is important to remember that it is part of the Southern Alps and subject to extreme weather. It could be very hot on the event day with no shade, or it could be very cold and windy. Whilst unlikely it could even be snowing, it is a ski area after all. With the right gear and route choice, and the knowledge that you don’t have to be on course for the whole 3-hours, we are confident the event will be a huge amount of fun.
Safety is paramount and participants need to be aware there are many natural hazards to be mindful of, these include, but are not limited to; loose rock, cliffs, steep ground, uneven ground, exposure to sun, wind and weather. Participants will spend most of their time walking on ski field vehicle tracks, rocky scree and tussock basins.


Entry Fee Price
Adult $35.00 pp
Student (Under 20) $20.00 pp
Child** Free

*$5 per entry goes to the Rainbow ski field road improvements and the remainder to the Motueka High School Adventure Racing Teams

** Child, 13 years old and under, must be accompanied by a paying adult.


  • 80% refund – withdraw two weeks before event day
  • 60% refund – withdraw  a week before event day
  • 30% refund – withdraw 4 days before event day
  • No refunds for cancellation 3 days prior to the event



For safety reasons there will be a minimum amount of gear and equipment that each person must carry or wear at all times. The event is in a high alpine environment and weather can change rapidly, temperature can drop quickly and visibility can be reduced within minutes if clouds layers descend.

Compulsory Gear
Compulsory Clothing
Waterproof jacket
Fleece jersey
Thermal top and pants
Warm hat (BUFF, wooden hat, balaclava)
Waterproof over-trousers recommended
Compulsory Equipment
Water bottle or bladder
Each team must carry a basic first aid kit that includes; bandage, wound dressing pain relief, strapping tape, survival blanket


Acceptance of your entry means that you have read and will adhere to this code of conduct throughout this Rogaine.

This Code of Conduct is motivated by the following two considerations:

  • respect for the property and lifestyle of landowners
  • safety of event participants, organizers and helpers, and others affected by the event, including assistance for injured people.

Land, Environment, Property and Stock

Rogaining is an environmentally and socially friendly activity and we expect all participants, including event organisers, to reinforce this ethic.

  • Respect the right of landowners to operate their business and lifestyle in privacy and security.
  • Leave gates as you found them.
  • Do not crowd or otherwise disturb stock.
  • Cross fences at gates or major posts, or go through the wires.
  • Do not drop litter.
  • Avoid houses and accessory buildings and/or machinery and stay out of out-of-bound areas.
  • No dogs, guns, fires or smoking.
  • Report any damage or disturbance you may have caused, or seen.
  • Keep streams and water bodies clean
  • Take due care to avoid spread of weeds, pest or diseases (e.g., Didymo)
  • Note that access approval to land for an event is limited to the event duration. It does not extend to before or after the event.
  • Event organisers will respect individual landowner attitudes to access to private land, and will strive to maintain good relationships with landowners at all times.

Event participants will also abide by other conditions that may be set out in instructions for specific events.

Safety and Injury

    • Distress call – six or more short whistle blasts at about 1 second intervals, repeated every 1 to 5 minutes, or in reply to a Search call.
    • Search call – one long whistle blast of several seconds.
    • If someone in your team is immobilised, identify your position and send someone to seek help. If possible, leave someone else with the injured person, along with all spare clothing. For urgent assistance, use your whistle to give the distress call.
    • Any team hearing the distress signal MUST offer all assistance required.
    • If someone in your team is injured, but can walk, use your common sense in getting them back to base.

Safety – legislative requirements

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 much private land (e.g., farm land) is designated ‘workplace.’ Landowners must inform recreational visitors of significant workplace hazards. To ensure this:

    • Event organisers will elicit advice from the landowner or manager on safety hazards, preferably at both the course planning stage and several days before the event.
    • Event organisers will inform all participants of any such hazards relevant to the event in written or verbal briefings.
    • Organisers, course planners and participants will take reasonable care that their actions (or lack of action) do not put themselves or others at risk. They will comply with reasonable safety advice or instruction given by the landowner (usually via the event organiser), as far as they’re able to.


Gates and Stock

If you open a gate, your team must close it or identify a person in a following team who will explicitly state that they will close it. If you corner stock, move no closer than 50 metres and find an alternative way round. This is particularly important when the easy way out for the stock is towards you on a track. Drop below the track and sidle around well clear of the stock. Stock in the wrong place at the wrong time of year can easily cost farmers tens of thousands of dollars, and cattle in particular are surprisingly easy to spook, and will readily demolish a good fence, injuring themselves badly on the way. If you cause any damage, it is vital that you report it to the organisers as soon as practicable, so that repairs can be started.


Understand the Distress call and the Search call. Serious injury is very rare, but needs urgent action. For the more common injuries where people can still limp, use your common sense. This usually means assisting them to a road and returning to the hash-house.





Rainbow Rogaine 2021 Results


1 Bazfam Kynan bazley, Tarn bazley, Anise bazley, Barb bentley 02:53:05 1930 0
2 Keen beavers. Pip Herd, Mason Herd, Jock Flannagan 02:37:57 1780 0
3 Alpine Amblers Angus Kopua, Fletcher Kopua, Mondo Kopua 02:54:10 1780 0
4 Forest Dwelling Ninja Christo Saggers, Archie Saggers, Ollie Saggers, Sophia Saggers, Harry Whyte 02:57:45 1770 0
5 Beans & Potatoes James Cameron, Cassie Cameron, Joseph Cameron 02:53:37 1650 0
6 Cereal Killers Paul Dukes, Nicola Dukes, Hamish Dukes, Sam Dukes, Toby Dukes 02:42:00 1540 0
7 Brown Cows Billy Werner, Tessa Werner, Ollie Werner, Zac Werner 02:49:55 1500 0
8 0800 We're Lost Glen Marfell, Georgia Marfell, Sam Marfell, Blake Marfell 02:54:01 1440 0
9 The Newts Anna Hughes, Niwha Hughes, Eli Johnson 02:58:55 1430 0
10 Bruce Melissa, Jeff, Isla, Voolet 02:37:25 1330 0
11 The Galarian Steffen Poep, Sarah Poepjes, Elijah Poepjes, Evelyn Poepjes 02:52:49 1320 0
12 Cliffeys michelle cliffe, Grace Cliffe, Mia Cliffe 02:47:48 1310 0
13 Team tahuna Reuben peterson, Ava peterson, Alex peterson 02:44:39 1290 0
14 Thorpedo5 Stew Thorp, Nadia Irving, Ezra Thorp, Annaliese Thorp 02:45:35 1290 0
15 Team Takaka Midgets Daphne Dijk, Jaiden Stevenson, Ashton Stevenson, Kian Lamason, George McClusky 02:54:30 1280 0
16 Double bubble kim whittall, Iyla Lamason 02:54:46 1280 0
17 Football fanatics Andrew Parley, James Parley, Ewan Parley, Ben Lindfield 03:15:33 1260 320
18 Team Haycock Rob Whittle, Anna Whittle, Miller Pattison 02:28:23 1190 0
19 Smokey Hokey Pokeys Anne Morgan, John Moodie, Carly Morgan, Charlie Bryce 02:55:14 1160 0
20 Merrifadden family Luke Merriman, Rowan McFadden, Dougal Merriman 02:56:28 1150 0
21 Zacian Robyn, Ben, Caleb, Toby, Rosie, Fenselau 02:42:15 1010 0
22 The Chamois Alena Dwerryhouse Sipkova, Seaton Dwerryhouse, Carolina Sipkova, Toby Dwerryhouse 02:44:29 1000 0
23 Silly Speed Jo Muir, Mike Barnes, Sophie Barnes, Sam Barnes, Alex Barnes 02:58:46 890 0
24 Fluffy chops and his friends Fluffy Snow, Womble, Hails 02:24:49 860 0
25 Over The Rainbow Steve Neal, Kerryn Rowe, Cheryl Abrahams, Lauren Barnsley 02:35:16 840 0
26 paw Patrol Action Emma, Jaxson 02:17:12 800 0
27 Blistering barnacles Mike Gray, Bryley Gray, Madison Gray 02:47:26 760 0
28 The Navigators Pip Lingard, Gus Easton, Matteo Maloney 02:51:59 760 0
29 Team Milmine Hamish J Milmine, Evie Milmine, Annabelle Milmine, Elise Milmine 02:48:14 710 0
30 The Goodwinners Simon Goodwinn, Elias, Asher 02:47:40 590 0


1 Coast chat William Nieuwenhuis, Sam Jansens 02:43:18 2230 0


1 Waiting for the ski season David Mangnall, Rob Maclean 02:57:33 2300 0
2 Joneses Andrew Jones, James Jones 02:56:57 2260 0
3 Darren and Ian Ian S Buunk, Darren, Ian Buunk 02:57:47 1900 0
4 Far Kinoaths Stephen Bradley, Barry Bacon 03:16:29 230 340

U20 - UNDER 20

1 The Joes Riley Croxford, Simon de Vries 03:03:19 2420 80
2 Gong Man Jail Sam Johnson, Zefa Faavae, Lochy ShandSilvia Turner-Johnson 02:56:28 1960 0
3 Lost & Found Janek Manderson, Bryn 02:58:44 1940 0
4 swanmen Hannah Mangnall, Yaz Harrhy, Maya Gavalas 02:52:55 1860 0
5 Grandma's lost on the zebra crossing Tide Faavae, Nika Rayward, Keala Mandeerson, Breee Fraser 02:54:26 1820 0
6 Waimea Toa Amelia Clark, William Seymour, Janey Clark 02:53:27 1810 0
7 (: Leah & Grace 🙂 Leah Werner, Grace Werner 02:44:13 1650 0
8 Crocsadiles Kyla rayward, Francie palffy 02:55:28 1610 0
9 The Ungifted Lucy, Johnny maclennan 02:55:28 1310 0
10 Maya & Rosa Rosa Moulder, Maya Porter 02:41:34 1270 0
11 The Ben and Joe show Joe Moulder, Ben Mitchell 02:40:01 1120 0
12 Bush Boys Leo Easton, Tristan Summerfield, Connor Simpkin 02:28:40 1100 0


1 Bowater Toyota Nelson Laura Biessy, Hannah Greenhough, Susie Wood 02:58:41 2250 0
2 KRAB Kathryn Bunckenburg, Rachel 02:59:21 1930 0
3 The Alpine Amblers Annie Garland, Frith Dollimore 02:58:59 1870 0
4 Graciously Competitive Julia Webby, Ines McBride, Surrey Collett, Eilysh Harman 02:53:25 1850 0
5 smash it rochelle hamilton, leah watson 02:53:19 1790 0
6 The Wilderwomen Penny Koroi, Shannon Higgs 02:57:12 1790 0
7 Adventure Mums Kim Meyer, Susan Jaworski 02:50:27 1770 0
8 Rainbow rebels Julie Milmine, Emma Gray, Alice Robinson 02:55:21 1770 0
9 Not in yet? Sandy Large, Jayne McCaa, Sophie Munro 02:51:24 1660 0
10 Prance Hop Skip Sarah Mather, Pip Lee, Hayley Maw 02:58:01 1660 0
11 Charlie's Angels Kylie reeves, Louise Paton 03:00:48 1650 20
12 Panic Training Marg Oliver, Sara Martell, Karla Mackay 02:47:34 1640 0
13 CEG Emma McFarlane, Claire Salmond, Gina Yukich 02:51:46 1620 0
14 not again! Holy fit Mel Barker, Ali Kimber, Sekita-Ra Skal 02:46:14 1610 0
15 Better late than never Julie Campbell, Lisa Anglesey 02:50:13 1610 0
16 Mums on the run Susanne Fraser-Haris, Jess Harvey, Alice Faulkner 03:05:58 1570 120
17 Tits & Bits Emma Rose-Allison, Nikita Gane, Georgina Nation 02:48:40 1500 0
18 Naughty By Nature Nicola Hodges, Leanne MacDonald, Chloe Quilliam 02:45:13 1430 0
19 Goaldiggers Natalie Colville, Andrea Staufer, Sarah House 02:40:01 1410 0
20 Blistered sisters Sarah Hammond, Susan MacLachlan, Debbie Godsiff, Emma Brandl 02:55:53 1320 0
21 Smells like team spirit Catherine Randall, Angela Gillespie, Anna wilson 02:53:44 1290 0
22 Free Range CHicKs Hillary McDonald, Krystal Rooney, Courtney Greisman Gravett 02:46:35 1280 0
23 More Tortoise than Hare Karli Murphy, Katie Bradley, Kate Harrison, Steph Martella 02:53:24 1250 0
24 Rai Ramblers Tania Billingsley, Carlie Verhoef, Megan Rouche, Sami Hug 02:54:40 1220 0
25 Wine is the best medicine Claire Heath, Georgina Taylor, Arelis Beque 02:50:57 1190 0
26 Angie's Angels Lucie Hutchinson, Ann Lindfield, Angie Crowley, Sophie Boyt 02:47:24 1160 0
27 Chafing the Dream Kaylene Ross, Megan Howard, Alyse Serfontaine 02:59:03 1080 0
28 ABC's Bev Hamilton, Chrissy Downing, Ashleigh Tewnion 02:48:29 1060 0
29 The Lost Poms Sheree Sherlock, Sam Beale 03:32:17 850 660
30 Strike Force Mums Rosa Tovey, Krista Coningham, Brenna Sharpe 02:45:50 700 0


1 Burst shorts Claire Moore, Sonya Sutherland, Lucy Maclean, Kirsten Revell 02:58:04 1810 0
2 Shortcutz Serena Hobson, Katie Harrhy 02:49:11 1750 0
3 Springless Chickens Megan Whitaker, Lisa Anderson, Robyn Hewitt 02:52:09 1630 0
4 Lunachicks Cheryl Black, Philippa Bennett, Vic Struthers, Susie Glover 02:52:45 1610 0
5 Go Girls Anna Gleeson, Katrine Sampson, Monica Pattison 02:41:58 1550 0
6 Team Vino Anna Muir, Charlotte Bray, Nikki Grigg, Jenny Saggers 02:46:14 1520 0
7 Dancing in the Dark Flic Trollope, Lucy Trolove, Tiff Cross 02:53:35 1490 0
8 Shandy and Brandy Rebecca Harris, Sara Woodfield 02:51:37 1460 0
9 All the gears no ideas Colette Marfell, Sarah Martin, Emma McAlpine 02:52:11 1430 0
10 Two Dots lisa preece, Irmi Schlaipfer 02:44:04 1370 0
11 Laced up Mary Sim, Angela Osbourne, Helen Nicolas 02:45:57 1360 0
12 The Black Labs Bridget Cassidy, Emma Gibson, Kim Johnston 02:47:32 1220 0
13 Omaka Ladies Mary Demlyn, Dallas Flight, Michelle Berghan 02:53:33 1190 0
14 TEAM KAM Kaara Wight, Moira Maher, Alex Kenny 02:46:40 1150 0
15 Just the Two of Us Vicky Carroll, Rachael Myers 02:56:54 950 0
16 Out of retirement Marianne Nalder, Michelle McCashin, Sarah Thomas, Phil Hood 02:39:38 790 0
17 Take that Christina Frost, Nikki Howard, Jules Spencer 02:44:47 720 0


1 Fandanman Daniel Penney, Fran Harris, Jarod Spenser 02:52:39 2220 0
2 All You Can Eat Emma Chibnall, Martin Cleary, Jess Barnes, Nick Pett 02:47:32 1920 0
3 Nearly Triplets Georgia Thomson-Laing, Lara Malcolm, Jacob Thomson-Laing 02:55:06 1880 0
4 this way Alice Porter, Ian Goldschmidt 02:51:08 1540 0
5 The Bewilder People Debbie Stone, Rob Rowe, Rebecca Colvin, David Duncan 02:49:34 1520 0
6 Team Smash it! Angela Loe, Michelle Hickman, Jacqui Ayers, Jacqui Hickman 02:55:00 1270 0
7 Moa hunters Ian Martella, Luke Martella, Georgie Kydd 03:26:29 960 540


1 JJM Justine judge, Jared Wadsworth, Margot Langford 02:54:05 2040 0
2 No Pain No Rogaine Peter Hamill, Julie McLeod, Pere Hawes, Vicky Hawes 02:49:32 1710 0
3 Wade Up Denise Glover, Wayne Glover 02:56:32 1630 0
4 This could end in divorce Paula Drew, Reagan Pattison 02:47:48 1570 0
5 Fat kids chasing the icecream truck Emma Garard, Cheryl Monahan, Mike McDougal 02:54:33 1330 0

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