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Demonstrating that Kiwis are keen to get outside, Wicked Rogaines’ Autumn Series attracted record numbers for its trio of Wednesday night events, despite the uncertainties and restrictions caused by Covid-19.

The first rogaine was held at Mount Pleasant, at John Britten Reserve on a foggy evening. Due to Covid gathering constrictions, Wicked Rogaines founders Nora and Ian Edmond had to limit the entrant numbers to 300 and they separated the starts into three waves.

Teams try to navigate through the fog.

Photo: Ascension Arts – Copyright Wicked Rogaines Ltd

Nora says it was great see local families entering this event.

“We have seen a large increase in parents with young kids coming along to our rogaines. The short, one-hour Wicked Kids Event is the perfect length for families who want their children to learn some map skills through navigating their way around some easy to find controls, which are close to registration area. It’s like a treasure hunt and it makes rogaining exciting and achievable for little ones,” she says.

As the Covid restrictions lifted for outdoor gatherings, Wicked Rogaines saw a record number of participants at its second event at Bowenvale, Cashmere. More than 460 people – again including many young families – took part in the rogaine and explored the Port Hills area around Victoria Park. The weather was pleasant and the teams made the most of the last evening with daylight saving hours to take in the amazing views from the hills across the city. Although it was a steep, hilly course, all the participants came back with smiles on their faces.

The third and final rogaine was held at the Christchurch Adventure Park. For the first time ever, Wicked Rogaines had exclusive access to all the mountain bike tracks. The numbers increased yet again to a record-breaking 470 participants.

Nora says it certainly was an event to remember.

“This rogaine had all the elements that encouraged our participants to go slower on a navigation event, including darkness, forestry trails and rain. Daylight saving had ended so head torches were vital and combined with the storm that arrived, it made for a super challenging course.”

“Many participants finished soaking wet, but it didn’t stop them from having a great time. The feedback was that it was real adventure navigating in the forest, in the dark and at times, in torrential rain. The beer, fries and pizza in the café afterwards made it worthwhile and we enjoyed hearing all the stories the rogainers were sharing about their wet, wild night,” Ian says.

Nora adds that after taking a few months break from running their rogaines: “It was awesome to be back and giving people opportunities to be outside, exploring the hills.”

“We are so grateful to all the people that supported us and came to the events. We were delighted to see the number of young kids and teenagers doing them and we believe rogaines are a great way to entice them away from devices and exercise their bodies as well as their brains.”

“Rogaines are such a fun way to get fit, or stay fit, as a family, as a team, or by yourself. They teach you so many things about navigating, making decisions, managing your time and the best of all, you are in the great outdoors! You can do rogaines with a friend, a school team, or your kids and family,” Nora says.

Results from Autumn Series can be found here.

If you missed out on Wicked Rogaines Autumn Series’ events, you can still do them via the Virtual Series. There are three courses (Mount Pleasant, Bowenvale and Barnett Park) available. More courses will be available soon, so stay tuned.

Next on the Wicked Rogaines calendar is the Wicked 6-hour Port Levy Rogaine on Sunday May 1. 6hr, 4hr, 2hr & Wicked Kids Events.

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